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Vision and Mission


Provide quality education in the field of pharmacy which produce competent pharmacist with knowledge and technical skill which make them capable of working in various fields of pharmaceutical profession that help to build health of our nation.



To make the growth of quality pharmaceutical education in rural area by educational training and research activity which are in public interest. Serve the society in town and village to uplift the low income groups by providing health and technical education at different levels in the field of pharmacy.




  • 16 Students selected in campus Interview.
  • B. Pharm Admission process will start soon. (Probable Date-10/06/2019)
  • D. Pharm Admission Boucher Available.
  • Admission counselling center available in our institute.
  • Guidance lecture for MSPC Registration process on 9/05/2019
  • Orientation programme & Parents Meet held 02/09/2019

(Jun 01, 2019)